Ari & Esmay
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At Ari & Esmay we love cake. We love cake soo much we want to share our love with you. Our bespoke cake range is easy to order and available to pick up from our store in the historic precinct of East Fremantle, Perth.

Using the best ingredients and combining it with abundant amounts of care and attention you can rest assure that each cake that leaves our store is filled with love.

You can also check out our handy cake cutting guide to help dish up your delicious cakes.

If you can't find what you want in our cake store we can customise a cake specially for you.



Our cafe is located on George Street in East Fremantle and serves breakfast, lunch and High tea. We have a full menu of delectable dishes and offer full table service.

Our opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 7am till 3.30pm and 7am till 12pm Saturday & Sunday.




Our talented team not only make bespoke cakes but a wide range of delicious treats available in store and to take home. Sugar cookies, French macarons, marshmallow, cupcakes, muffins and chocolates are just a few of the treats we have in store for you.  Our Sweet Treat Catering Menu is available all year round and is updated seasonally.


Ari and Esmay......

Two little girls lay asleep in their beds, delectable dreams a’dance in their heads
Together they dreamed of a faraway place full of sugary treats and fairy-floss lace.
They stood by a sea of caramel salt and stepped in a boat made of cookie o’malt;
There billowed a breeze of sweet, spiced delight and Ari & Esmay sailed off in the night.
They starred at the stars, all rainbow in hue but on the horizon a chocolatey choux;
It rose to a towering, glowering height, and gave the two girls a terrible fright.
Their boat ran aground on unicorn bark and they knew that this trip was no longer a lark.
‘How will we get home?’ Ari cried to Esmay and they both looked forlorn and full of dismay.
So they trudged up the mound of pastry confection to find, at the least, a homeward direction.
And, from a far, a twinkle they spotted, across a great field of cream that was clotted.
They hopped between scones and rested on jelly, and once Esmay fell right flat on her belly
In a pouf of meringue; it was soft as a cloud and her shriek turned to laughter, happy and loud.
Together they ventured down pavlova paths, past buttery bon bons and coconut baths
They walked streets of fondant and mounds madeiline ‘till they reached the white home of a fairy fen.
‘My girls who have journeyed in dreams very far, come here, to my side, and pull up a star.’
So they told of their journey,
At the end of their tale, the girls looked forlorn; in sweetest dream, quite far they were borne.
Esmay looked up and spoke in a whisper ‘We’d like to go home – me and my sister.’
The fairy, she nodded, ‘Then I ask you this, what is your deepest, most whimsical wish?’
‘I wish for bright cakes, as big as my head.’ Ari said first, her cheeks a deep red.
Esmay, more timid, raised her small hand. ‘A biscuit with white chocolate butter pecan.’
“My girls, only one wish per dream is allowed. So you must choose together - a wish to be proud.’
So the sisters, they whispered and laughed and debated, until finally, emerged quite elated.
‘Together we’d like a place we can share all the sweets from our dreams, a lavish affair.’
And so, from this wish, comes a café so sweet, with candy topped cakes and delicious eats.
Ari & Esmay, two sisters with dreams, welcome you to a café born on moonbeams.